Glossary II

  • Browser
    • Software are components of a computer that lack a tangible process viewable on screen. As opposed to hardware, the physical components of a computer, I.E. a hard drive. A piece of software is also called a program, which is a compilation of code to do a specific task. Browsers are pieces of software aimed toward a viewable access to “browse” the internet.
  • Hyperlink
    • Hyperlinks are coded sections of text that when clicked direct the user to wherever the “link”, or connection, was coded toward. Hyperlinks are generally underlined and contrast to other lines of text via webpage. ( ; EXAMPLE)
  • Mobile First Design
    • In the last two and a half decades, pocket devices have exploded in popularity. From children with gameboys to wall-street blackberrys, device interaction has become a part of daily life. Some people use their phone more than their computer. So, mobile-friendly websites have become a growing trend for businesses standardizing UI/UX practicality. In the last 5 or so years this “Mobile First Design” process has become an incentive for companies and websites to begin with mobile development before desktop applications.
  • Responsive Design
    • Web design now has different types of approaches. Adaptive Design consists of several versions with (hopefully) matching styles which work specifically for different devices. Then, there is Responsive Design, which responds more to the size of the screen, ignoring the device practicality, creating a more fluid and universal look and feel. Completely disregarding device function and considering screen dimension.  
  • UI / UX
    • User Interface (UI) VS. User Experience (UX) is actually very easy to separate by definition. It is sort of like with too much of one, you lack another. However, there are certain applications of either design styles that work with one more than the other. User Interface refers to something developed for usability with less visual appeal, while User Experience would trend toward an aesthetically appealing development.
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
    • Sort of like walking through a maze with a rope, or like Hansel and Gretel, Breadcrumb Navigation is basically a depiction of your horizontal movement throughout a website. It logs the pages you passed through before you reached your current page for ease of access. If you move back to a previous page, all other viewed pages passed that point are erases and a new path after where you returned begins.
    • Sometimes coding can be difficult when you lack a visual. Think of painting by memory with very dim light. You have an idea of how it will turn out, but it definitely will have some kinks. A W.hat Y.ou I.s W.hat Y.ou

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