Glossary IIII

  • SEO
    • Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the intentional build up of a website to earn more traffic via search engine referrals without paid influence. The use of keywords to a website structured in a way a search engine can easily decipher are just a few ways SEO is implemented. In layman’s terms. whatever action website developers take to make the site and its pages to be found easier than others is SEO.
  • B2B
    • Sometimes companies use another company’s services to help progress growth, commerce, and efficiency. Maybe a startup hires an advertising agency to help market their goods. Or, a textile company purchases wool from a sheep farm. Business to Business (b2b) is inter-company cooperation with use of goods or services as opposed to commerce directly to the consumer.
  • CPC
    • Cost Per Click is the conversion of traffic to money that ads use to gauge what they owe websites per visitor. Ads agencies utilize SEO and target audiences to gain the most traffic and pay according to the clicks the ad gets. This is more cost efficient as bidding for specific ad space may not bring the amount of attention a company desires.
  • Inbound Marketing
    • A website should have its own personality. This personality is developed toward and brings in a target audience. Personas are the written points and research made from this audience. For example, if you have a punk rock website, you should monitor the more popular or upcoming bands being listened to by your viewers. In otherwords, personas are records of user behavior. With this type of information, a user-group persona, advertising agencies, stakeholders, user-centered design[ers] and the audience benefits.
  • A/B Testing
    • With controlled testing, websites show 2 groups of visitors 2 different versions of a website. This is called A/B Testing. Group 1 sees version A, Group 2 sees version B. With recorded data, developers/designers/owners etc. learn which site version converts visitors to users/buyers/subscribers more productively. Different versions may have different headers, footers, article locations, navigation locations, what have you.
  • Case Study
    • A/B Testing can be described as a type of Case Study. Case studies are, broadly, more specific to finding what your audience likes when A/B testing is more for finding out about how to better your website’s UI to UX usability. Case Studies collect qualitative data which may give the studier a description of audience and tendencies under specific circumstances.
  • KISS
    • Modern design is simple. If you compare a modern beverly hills mansion to an hereditary English manor you see simplicity vs. elegance. Elegance looks nice, yes. But in modern design simplicity conquers clutter. “Keep It Simple Stupid”, or KISS, is a term coined by engineer Kelly Johnson. Design should be efficient and to increase efficiency is to decrease excess fat. Basically, keep something from being more complicated than it needs to be.


  • Usability
    • Self explanatory, usability is a focal point of UI relations with a dabble of UX. Is your website easy to navigate for different audiences? Are the UI Design Patterns up to date and manageable for all browsers or Operating Systems? If yes (amongst other points), your website or application has great usability.
  • Learnability
    • Believe it or not, there are still many old-timers who have little experience with technology. Even then, there are people who would like to learn a computer skill that have no idea how to work a program for their interest. Learnability is an applications ability to teach the user be it direct or indirect experience. Of course, some professional programs are more meticulous. This is more fashioned for companies or websites trying to attract an audience to an industry and less catered for the specific industry professionals.
  • Accessibility
    • In Sacramento’s recent pass, accessibility has been a huge issue for local business. Web Accessibility is assurance that any type of user. Especially those who have assistive technologies made for their personal disability. Age related issues may be addressed as a disability. Users may have a vision impairment, so alternative text > text to speech may offer an audible description of an image.

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